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Seminars with Sifu Aamir Rafi take place annually
Saturday 2-6pm and Sunday 12-4 pm 

Clear and detailed training with Aamir Rafi. Straight sword is considered one of tai chi’s oldest weapon forms. Practicing thrusting and sweeping movements that originate from and are led by the body. Health benefits include coordination, precision and flexibility. Please bring a sword if you have one, otherwise practice swords will be provided.

Suitable for all levels from beginner to teacher.

Each day will end with 30mins stretching exercises designed for tai chi practice..

Sat – & Sun – November (£TBC Early Bird)

Book by Sat 19th October and save £30

Saturday – November (£TBC)

Sunday – November (£TBC)

Seminar Instructor Aamir Rafi

• Trained with Grandmaster Chen Zhenglei, Chen Lineage holder
• Chinese Martial Arts Association Sixth level Duan Wei
• Winner of many competitions across Europe

Venue: Nilupul Foundation, 2nd Floor Left, 51 Reform Street, Dundee DD1 1SL